Shared Ride Shuttle

Los Angeles and San Diego
The most affordable choice. Save money by sharing the ride with your neighbor. We have a strict 2-Stop policy. Only one other party will join you in your shuttle, if any. Our technology makes this easy, fast and convenient. No zigzagging.
How Does It Work?

When you choose Shared Ride Shuttle Service you will be grouped with other travelers headed in the same direction, around the same timeframe. And, great news - there is a maximum of only one additional party of passengers. This means only one additional stop, and not every ride will have multiple stops.


What To Expect

To the Airport:
  • We will automatically group you with other travelers who are traveling to the same airport at about the same time you are. We only ever group you with 1 additional party to ensure that it doesn't take too much additional time to get to the airport. Don't worry, we'll always get you there with plenty of time to catch your flight.

  • When you make your reservation, you will be given a 15-minute window within your scheduled pick-up time. This window means that your shuttle will arrive within 15 before or after that scheduled pickup time.

  • Your driver will be happy to assist you with your luggage and load it into the vehicle. Please have it packed and ready to go well before your reservation time to avoid any delay in moving on to your destination. Your shuttle will drop you off at the departure area of your airline’s terminal.

  • For rides to the airport, shared-ride must be booked at least two hours in advance, to allow for proper traveler grouping. We recommend booking at least 24 hours in advance to make sure we have time to optimize your route with other customers.
From the Airport:

San Diego International Airport

After getting your luggage from baggage claim, make your way to the “Ground Transportation” area of the airport. Find the counter and check in. After checking in one of our friendly attendants will direct you to your shuttle.

Los Angeles International Airport

Collect your luggage and exit towards the street. Wait on the outer curb for the LAXit bus. Ride the LAXit Bus to the LAXit staging area where you will meet your driver.